Terms & Conditions


Unused condition, possibly still in wrapper or new tags/labels attached. New build property not yet lived in. Completed renovation.
Good Condition
Signs of slight wear, generally lightly worn rather than marked or very slight minor scuff marks when describing walls or doors. In clean order.
Fair Condition
Signs of age, frayed, small light stains and marks or discolouration.
Poor Condition:
Extensive signs of wear and tear, extensive stains/marks/tears/chips.
Very Poor Condition
Extensively damaged/faulty items, large stains, upholstery torn and or dirty, pet odours/hair.
No cracking or obvious damage.
In need of cleaning above that required for grubby and requiring cleaning involving cleaning materials.
A covering of dust removable with a vacuum or duster.
Extremely dirty and requiring major cleaning to a professional standard and in a state that may not be restorable to an acceptable standard.
Greasy to the touch.
In need of cleaning above that required for dusty and requiring cleaning materials.
Badly stained and marked
Discoloured sections.
Showing signs of undamaged usage.


Landlord; Estate Agent; Landlords representative; Instructing Principal. Person instructing Insight Inventory Services either verbally or through written communication.
Person writing report on behalf of Insight Inventory Services. Also known as Inventory Clerk
Hand over Condition
Property is vacant, all cleaning and decoration work has been completed. No furnishings to be removed or added. Property is being presented for tenants to move-in.


  1. These Terms and Conditions of business are for the services provided by Insight Inventory Services, an independent inventory company and service supplier to the property letting market.
  2. Insight Inventory Services agree to produce an Inventory Report which will set out the contents, conditions and cleanliness of the property at the time of inspection. The Inventory Report is for rental purposes only. No warranty or guarantee is given regarding the adequacy of, or safety of any equipment or contents contained in the property. The Inventory Report is a factual record of the items in the property at the date of the inspection and the general condition of same. The Inventory Report is not a building survey and will not make reference to the structure or basic fabric of the building. Insight Inventory Services do not provide a valuation of the items contained in the Inventory Report and no warranty or guarantee is given in respect of such value. All items are considered to be in good clean condition unless otherwise stated.
  3. The Compiler of the Inventory Report is not an expert in decoration, furnishings or fabric etc. and is presenting a layman's description of these items. All descriptions used in the Inventory Report are for identification purposes only. For example where the words 'gold', 'silver' or similar descriptions are used, they refer to the colour of an item and not the material.
  4. The Complier will not complete a section of the Inventory Report for parts of the property that are not readily accessible. This includes attics, basements, lofts, cellars, locked or inaccessible rooms, poorly lit rooms, rooms housing a dog or any other potentially dangerous animal. Outbuildings will not be included unless previously agreed prior to on-site visit with the Client.
  5. The Inventory Report will not include any items which are in an inaccessible place, perishable items such as houseplants, garden plants, food items, garden livestock or contents of sheds and garages (other than garden tools which appear new and unused), minor household items such as cleaning materials, light bulbs etc. A general photograph will be taken to indicate items exist.
  6. The Inventory Report will list but not itemise or count contents contained in overcrowded drawers or cupboards, excessive amounts of crockery, pots, pans, cutlery, utensils, and ornaments and used or soiled bedding. A general photograph will be taken to indicate items exist.
  7. The Compiler will not undertake to move heavy items of furniture including appliances, beds and sofas (unless easily moved on castors and are in a room of sufficient size to comfortably move them). Mattresses will only be lifted if they do not constitute a health and safety issue. Every effort will be made to check both sides of mattresses and slats of beds if safe to do so. If unable to do so, this will be noted in the report. If beds are fully made up the Compiler will not remake beds.
  8. Unless the Inventory Report and Check-out is carried out in daylight hours, the garden and exterior of the property will not be inspected.
  9. Electrical appliances, machinery, boilers, gas appliances, radiators, water supply, and other similar items will NOT be tested. Main lighting is solely tested to indicate whether light bulbs are working correctly. Electrical items may be tested for safety by a qualified electrician only. The fire and safety regulations regarding furniture, gas, electrical and similar services are ultimately the responsibility of the Client. Where the inventory notes "Fire label seen", this should only be interpreted to mean that the item has a label attached and not that it complies with the "Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 as amended 1993".
  10. Towels, bed linen and other similar items have only been inspected if they appear to be laundered.
  11. Burglar alarms and smoke detectors will NOT be tested.
  12. Provided the Compiler is able to locate meters, the applicable readings will be included within the Inventory Report. If meters are located above head height, beneath undergrowth or are somehow not readily accessible, or are located on public land or below ground level, then readings will not be taken. In any event, the Instructing Principal should inform the Inventory Clerk of the whereabouts of the meters and these should always be checked by the relevant utility company.
  13. Property left in lofts, cellars and locked rooms, which have not been inventoried, are the sole responsibility of the landlord.
  14. The Inventory Report should be signed and dated and returned to the agent or landlord within 7 days. Any discrepancies regarding the content or description details within the Inventory Report MUST be reported to Insight Inventory Services in writing within 14 days of the Inventory Report date; otherwise it is accepted that the Inventory Report is accurate.
  15. If the landlord and the tenant, or the respective Instructing Principal or Agent do not report any discrepancies to Insight Inventory Services within the 14 day period, then it is deemed the contents of the Inventory Report are agreed and accurate.
  16. If Insight Inventory Services attend the property to complete the Inventory Report and the property is not in the hand-over condition, then an abortive fee of no more than 50% of the cost of the Inventory Report will be charged. Insight Inventory Services will not be liable whatsoever for any costs or expenses incurred by the landlord or any other third party. Upon payment of the abortive fee Insight Inventory Services will arrange a further inspection of the property to produce the Inventory Report.

  18. A Check-Out report will be produced to provide a general, relative description of the property, in relation to the original Inventory Report. A description of any discrepancies with an allowance made for fair wear and tear will be listed. Fair wear and tear is assessed on the length of the tenancy and the type of occupancy, noting that certain items receive higher usage. We acknowledge that the contractual terms listed in the tenancy agreement may overrule the opinion of the Compiler. The Check-Out Report will include differences in condition and cleanliness of items, items which are missing and items which are present that were not originally listed. The Check-Out report will give an overall impression of the property, will make comments and give retention recommendations only. It is not the role of Insight Inventory Services to assess the amount of damages.
  19. The tenant may attend the check-out or appoint a representative to attend on their behalf.
  20. The check-out will take place only after the tenant has fully vacated where the Inventory Report will be fully checked and a note of discrepancies made. Until the keys are returned or the tenant has surrendered the tenancy, the tenant is deemed to be in possession of the property even if it is empty. If the property has not been fully vacated and a further visit is required an abortive fee will be charged.
  21. All items of furniture and other items should be returned to their original places as listed in the Inventory Report, including any items that have been stored and packed away. This will avoid any charges to the tenant, either for misplaced property, or for time spent finding and repositioning items.
  22. Where supplied, bedding and linen should be dry cleaned/laundered, ironed and placed neatly in the appropriate room. Beds should not be made up, as all mattresses will be examined in accordance with the Inventory Report. The Compiler will not remake beds.
  23. The property should be cleaned (this is a thorough, in-depth end of tenancy clean) and left tidy at the end of the tenancy. Tenants can be disagreeably surprised to find the Check-Out Report commenting unfavourably on the standard of cleaning with a requirement for further cleaning at considerable extra cost. Typical discrepancies can include the following items. Please note this list is not necessarily exhaustive:
    1. Kitchen appliances including grill pans, wire racks and hob burners - carbon markings, grease, scorch marks, scratch marks, control buttons and knobs missing or broken, grill pan or inset rack or handle missing. Cleanliness and odour of fridges, dents, damage or scratches, missing shelves or internal loose fittings.
    2. Kitchen units, cupboards and drawers - internal and external cleanliness, missing or broken handles.
    3. Soap dispensers, filters, and rubber seals of washing machines, dryers and dishwashers - internal and external cleanliness, damage.
    4. Paintwork, skirting boards, picture rails, architraves, window sills - dust, dirt, chips, marks, pins, nails, shelves, ring marks, leads or similar pinned to skirtings, or holes left from removal.
    5. Extractor fans and air vents - dust, grease, working lights.
    6. Light, electrical and communication fittings - cracked or broken points, switches or faces etc. no bulbs or bulbs not working, missing or broken shades, extra phone points, junction boxes for cables or aerial connection leads added or missing.
    7. Carpets and flooring - general cleanliness, spots, stains, burns, wax, small tears and snags, furniture stand marks, pet scratching or staining.
    8. Walls - dirty marks, furniture rubs or scuffs, gouges, picture hooks, screw fittings, holes or damage from their removal, sticky tape, blue-tac marks, touch up marks, decoration, dents, scribbles, holes for leads etc.
    9. Ceilings - stains, carbon marks, pins, holes, screws, hooks.
    10. Doors - chips, holes, hooks, broken latches, handles, catches, disconnected or removed self-closers, letterboxes, pet flaps, lock damage.
    11. Windows - cracked glass, mould, rotting frames, broken locks, broken sash cords, missing keys, holes from additional blinds and curtain rails
    12. Bathrooms/Shower rooms/En-suites/Cloakroom - general cleanliness, limescale build-up or water marks, scratches, chips to bath or shower, shower riser rails, clips or broken fittings, sealant around bath shower for mould/mildew, plugholes/chains. Cracks to basins. Staining in toilet bowl, condition of seat, cover and seat fixings, cracks to bowl, state of shower curtain.
    13. Furniture - cushions and mattress for stains, scratches, dirt, chips, heat marks.
  24. Insight Inventory Services will not accept responsibility for any lost or unaccounted for keys.
  25. If a landlord or the Instructing Principal disagree with the recommendations or allege that a Check-out Report contains omissions or discrepancies the onus is on the landlord to provide evidence, documentation and or information that can be used by a Dispute Service to consider any claim. A Dispute Service is there to act as an Arbitrator. The decision of the Dispute Service will be final and binding and Insight Inventory Services will be limited only to the cost paid by the Landlord, Client or Instructing Principal for the cost of the Check-out Report.
  26. Insight Inventory Services accepts no liability, either financial or otherwise, if the Inventory Report and Check-out were not both conducted by Insight Inventory Services.
  27. Insight Inventory Services will not re-enter a property once a Check-out has been conducted, unless to re-make an Inventory Report. Insight Inventory Services cannot independently verify any time lapse between the completion of a Check-out Report and any alleged omission or discrepancy made by any party entering after the Check-out Report has been completed. It has to be acknowledged that some alterations (any amount of damage, items removed or added) to the property may occur within this period.
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